The Whole Food Trend Explained

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The whole food trend is gaining momentum in Hong Kong and all over the world. People are becoming more health conscious and they are making informed choices about what they eat, which is why whole foods are highly sought after. They play a key role when it comes to healthy eating.

Whole foods is a term that is used to describe foods that are unrefined and unprocessed as much as possible before they are eaten. This means that there will have been no chemicals added. These ingredients are as raw and natural as you will find. Some examples include meats, fruit, vegetables, beans, unpolished grains and non-homogenised dairy products.

There are several benefits to be gained by incorporating whole foods into your diet. These are as follows…

  • They supply naturally occurring protective substances
  • They provide essential dietary fibre
  • They offer a greater amount of complex micronutrients, which makes them a better source of nutrition

This trend is part of a popular movement that involves individuals and organisations promoting organic farming. This is something we do here at Fish & Meat organic restaurant. We follow a strict farm to table philosophy. This means that we use locally sourced ingredients and that we take a great amount of care when it comes to finding the best produce.


We believe that the most delicious dishes are created with the finest ingredients and this is why we follow the organic movement, which began in the 1990s. Synthetic nitrogen pesticides and fertilisers were being used in farming excessively at the time and thus this movement came as a reaction to the process of growing food with the assistance of man-made chemicals.

Farmers who produce organic food do so without the assistance of ionizing radiation, bioengineering, fertilizers and pesticides. They place a strong emphasis on the conservation of water and soil as well as the use of renewable resources. Dairy products and poultry come from animals that have not been given any growth hormones or antibiotics. This ensures that they are much healthier to consume and most people remark that they taste much better as well.

It is not difficult to see why whole foods are so popular, as the organic movement shows no signs of slowing down. This is one of the reasons why we encourage eating with the seasons here at Fish & Meat. You will notice that a lot of our dishes are seasonal. We do this to ensure that the ingredients are fresh and can be locally sourced. Otherwise, they would be of a much lesser quality and chemical enhancements would have been used during the production process.

Author – Russell Doctrove

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