The Benefits of Eating Steak and Other Types of Red Meat

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read meatThere is nothing better than a nice piece of juicy and flavoursome meat when you are going out for a meal in Hong Kong – whether it is delicious lamb shanks or the ultimate comfort food, beef burgers. From unbeatable taste to amazing health benefits, there are many reasons to enjoy the best meat.

Red Meat Is A Natural Source Of B Vitamins

Red meat is a natural source of an abundance of B vitamins. This is significant because naturally occurring B vitamins help to promote a healthy body in a number of ways. Some of the B vitamins found within red meat include riboflavin, niacin, B-6 and B-12. Riboflavin promotes healthy skin and eyes, whilst niacin aids in digestion. B6 supports a strong immune system and B12 is great for ensuring your body’s nervous system is healthy.

It’s Packed With Protein

Red meat is protein packed. In fact, a three-ounce serving can provide your body with half of its daily recommended intake. This protein contains all of the amino acids that are required to repair tissue and build muscle. Consequently, your physicality will improve and your body will be able to fight illnesses better.

Red Meat Contains Zinc

Red meat should also be added to your diet because your body will be supplied with a good amount of zinc. This is required to promote a healthy brain, strengthen your immune system and build muscle mass. On a daily basis you are advised to have 15 mg of zinc. You can get more than a third of this by having a serving of sirloin steak.

You’ll Get A Good Dose Of Iron

Another reason why we serve red meat here at Fish & Meat organic restaurant is because it provides you with the iron your body requires. If you eat red meat once or twice a week, your body will get the iron it needs. This is important because iron ensures that your red blood cells transport oxygen effectively to your vital organs.

It Contains Important Nutrients You May Not Have Heard Of

Red meat is packed with some pivotal nutrients that aren’t as well known as the others that have been mentioned. This includes DHA, EPA, Carnosine and Creatine. EPA and DHA are both active forms of Omega-3, whilst Carnosine is a powerful anti-oxidant that provides protection against a number of degenerative processes. Creatine also plays a vital role, as it forms an energy reserve in the brain and muscles, which increases mental and physical performance.

It tastes delicious

I couldn’t mention the benefits of meat without touching upon the delicious taste of it. Nothing compares. At Fish & Meat we follow a strong farm to table philosophy, which means we carefully source our ingredients. We believe in using the best cuts of meat and cooking them well so you can experience their true flavour. After all, there is nothing better than a delicious piece of quality red meat.

Author – Russell Doctrove, chef at Fish & Meat

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