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Fish and Meat

Fish and Meat

Fish & Meat is the place for conscientious diners in Hong Kong. We don’t only pride ourselves on creating tasty dishes, but using fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients. Our farm-to-table philosophy means that premium quality ingredients are of the utmost importance to us.

If you have never been to our restaurant before, you can expect honest and rustic cooking. We don’t overcomplicate our dishes. We believe in simplicity. The dishes we create are a celebration of the ingredients that have been used.

To give you a better insight into our way of cooking, here are some examples of our most popular dishes…

  • Grass Fed 100% Natural Beef Tartare with Jalapeno, Duck Yolk and Parmesan
  • Australian Blue Mussels cooked in White Wine and Mussel Emulsion, served with Garlic, Chilli Flakes and Pancetta
  • Oven Roasted Indonesian Tiger Prawns served with Lardo di Colonatta, Chilli and Lemon
  • Aubergine Caponata with Raisins and Roasted Garlic Crème Fraiche

Hopefully that gives you a little taste for the type of food we serve. We are constantly adapting our menu to suit seasonal ingredients as well, so you can be sure of the freshest dishes.

We are big believers in seasonal eating. Thus, when the team and I create a dish to go on the menu we don’t only consider what is going to be tasty, but we look at the health benefits as well. That is why there is a lot of fish, fruit and vegetables on the menu.

We are very passionate about organic and sustainable ingredients, supporting the local farm markets, as well as ethical and environmentally friendly food production. Because of this we support several different projects.

Firstly, several times throughout the year we donate a percentage of our profits to the Plastic Oceans Foundation. Ocean pollution is a massive problem. Roughly 80 per cent of marine litter actually originates on land. It is causing horrific damage, with marine life, such as seabirds and whales, dying because of it.

The Plastic Oceans Foundation is making a huge effort to try and combat this problem. We hope by supporting this foundation that not only will we make a difference, but also that we will raise awareness about how serious this issue is.

Aside from this, we are proud to also support the SkeenaWild Conservation Trust. When you order a salmon dish from our menu we will give 50 per cent of the profit to SkeenaWild Conservation Trust. This organisation protects the Skeena River system, which is home to the largest King Salmon on a global scale.

Author – Russell Doctrove, chef at Fish & Meat

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