Farmhouse Jam: Swedish Vodka, homemade blueberry and thyme

Posted on April 9th, 2015 in Cocktails

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Fish & Meat Farmhouse Jam


One thing you will notice at all Maximal Concept restaurants is that we like to create unique cocktails for our diners to enjoy. We ensure that every restaurant has a selection of drinks that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. The Farmhouse Jam is a prime example of this. If you are on a hunt a delicious cocktail you should definitely give this one a try.

Farmhouse Jam is a mix of Ice Fox Vodka, Blueberry and Thyme Jam, and Prosecco. If you love fruity cocktails, you will definitely be a fan of this one, whilst the Prosecco adds a slight fizz and an added bit of luxury.

Nevertheless, the star of the show is undoubtedly the Blueberry and Thyme Jam, which is homemade. We place a huge emphasis on quality ingredients here at Fish & Meat, and that does not only relate to the food we cook, but the drinks we serve as well.

So, how is the Farmhouse Jam cocktail made? A large spoonful of Blueberry and Thyme Jam is added to a glass. We then add a shot and a half of vodka. Ice is added to the drink and the ingredients are blended together. Finally, the glass is topped with Prosecco and we add a spoon of jam and thyme for garnish. We like to make our drinks look pretty!

If you don’t drink alcohol, or you are the designated driver for the evening, a mocktail version be made. Instead of vodka and Prosecco, we’ll use soda water and fresh lemon juice. You can still enjoy one of the best cocktails in Hong Kong without the alcohol.

If Farmhouse Jam does not appeal, don’t worry, as we have plenty of other options for you try. The Pepperoncini is another popular vodka-based cocktail. It is made with Ice Fox Vodka, Lillet Blanc, Jalapeno and Cucumber. This is more fiery than fruity, yet the cucumber balances out the jalapeno.

If vodka is not your sort of drink, perhaps you’d rather try a gin-based cocktail instead? We have Bottled Negroni. This is a mixture of Gordon Gin, Campari and Antica Formula. This is actually based on the Americano. It came about when Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to add gin to his Americano instead of normal soda water. The bartender garnished with orange instead of lemon and a different drink was created.

All in all, when you come to visit our organic restaurant not only will you have a great selection of innovative dishes to try, but also our cocktail menu is worth a glance. We are always adding new drinks to the menu and we often have monthly specials as well, so there is always something new to enjoy.

Author – Celine Lindvall, PR and Marketing director at Maximal Concept

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